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Frequently Answered Questions

Please, IMMEDIATELY upon receipt, review the your reservation for the accuracy of the requested service, make any changes or add any additional information you may feel important for us to know in providing this service. Sign the white copy and return to our office with your deposit (if required) keep the yellow copy for your records. The reservation is not confirmed until we have received your signed reservation request. If you have decided you no longer need this service, please indicate so on the reservation form and return it to our office as cancelled.

For Information Regarding:

Deposits | Cancellations | Final Payments | Beverages
Mailing Address | Airports | Cruise Ships | Safety


Coachmaster will not be responsible for any personal belongings left in any vehicle. We reserve the right to substitute vehicle type (not capacity) in the event of mechanical failure or scheduling delays.



Deposits when required must accompany the signed reservations. Deposits can be made by money order, personal check, or credit card. If paying by credit card (the deposit or the total charges) the enclosed credit card authorization must be completed and returned with the signed reservation request.

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Deposits will not be refunded on reservations not cancelled 10 days prior to the trip date.



Final Payment is due 10 days prior to the service date. If any additional charges are incurred during your trip must be paid to the driver upon the trips completion.

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Alcoholic Beverages are not allowed to be consumed in any sedan. Alcohol can be consumed in the rear compartment of our stretch limousines and in our charter buses when supplied by the charter group for their personal consumption.

Non Alcoholic Beverages will be supplied by Coachmaster in any vehicle by customer request. Coolers and ice can be furnished by Coachmaster. Brands of beverages will be at our discretion and at no additional charge. Specific brands of beverage can be requested, at a fee.

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Reservations, deposits and payments must be mailed to:

303 Cornell Avenue
Endicott, New York 13760

Vehicle Inspection
Any vehicle can be viewed by appointment at:

Coachmaster Operations Facility
303 Cornell Avenue
Endicott, New York 13760

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At ALL airports drivers will have a sign with passengers last name or the name of the company the passenger is representing.

Binghamton Airport Arrivals
All passengers arriving into Binghamton Airport will be met by Drivers inside the terminal building at the Visitors Center booth adjacent to the luggage area. In the event of delayed flights, or you can not locate your driver at the airport, Please call our operations office toll free at 1(800)729-6364 for the location of your car.

Syracuse Airport Departures
Drop offs are at curb side in front of your airlines check in area. Baggage assistance is available at the curb by airline red caps. Syracuse airport policy prohibits our drivers from leaving any vehicle unattened in front of the terminal area at any time.

Syracuse Airport Arrivals
Sedan/Limousine/Van drivers meet all passengers in the baggage areas at the bottom of the escalators.

Bus drivers must meet their passengers at curbside in the loading area outside the terminal from the baggage area.

JFK / LaGuardia / Newark Arrivals
DOMESTIC: Sedan / Limousine / Van drivers will meet passengers in the baggage area of your arriving flight.

INTERNATIONAL: Sedan / Limousine / Van drivers will meet passengers outside the customs area, when you enter the terminal area.

BUS Pickups / Group Arrivals:
JFK / LaGuardia / Newark / Philadelphia
Due to the lack of bus parking at the terminal arrival area, it is necessary to stage our buses off airports until contact has been made by the arriving passengers group leader.

PROCEDURE: Once all passengers have cleared customs or have retrieved their luggage on domestic flights the group leader should gather all individuals in one location outside the terminal and then call our Operations office toll free at 1(800)729-6364 and inform us of the location (terminal number and door ) where your group has assembled. At this time your bus will be dispatched to your location for pickup.

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Due to the uncertainty of dis-embarkment times on all arriving cruise ships, we schedule most pickups for 10 AM and meet passengers at the pickup areas. It is required by the port authority that the bus company fax 72 hours prior to a scheduled pickup the group leaders name , number of passengers in your group the name of the Cruise Line & ship on which you will be arriving.

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IT'S A MATTER OF SAFETY that we inform all groups chartering vehicles from this company that we will adhere to the rules and regulations mandated by the State & Federal Highway Safety Commissions.

Maximum driving and on duty hours, except as specifically noted, such as adverse weather driving conditions. No company will permit or require any driver to drive more than 10 (ten) hours. It is suggested on one day trips and tours, that you plan your itinerary to allow us to safely provide your transportation within these guidelines.

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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We appreciate your business and the confidence you have placed in us.


303 Cornell Avenue
Endicott, New York 13760
(607)748-2322 * (800)729-6364

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